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“Hello friend, welcome to Cozymoss.
Here we celebrate the simple necessity of being a child. We admire how it bonds humanity and cultures across time and space. And we believe in the art of childhood, in the traditions it holds and in the future it will bring.”



Have a nice trip,

Hugly yours, Cozymossies

Meet Our Bravest Heroes

Cosymoss Land is proud of its inhabitants, who have made many children’s hearts happy



Bear Kora

Elephant Sone

Bear Pear

Dog Sprig

Dog Pea

Elephant Ray

Meet them all 23 cozymossies





Hey you passing by, come here!
Has anybody told you today that you're awesome ?

Yes, You're!

So, don't forget to say the same to your kid ;)


Well, well, well

Since you are the dearest guest in Cozymossies' home,

we invite you to sit down and have a look through our family album.

(meanwhile little Freckle will put the kettle on)


Free printables

Click the button to download illustrations from cozymoss world.


You may use them as coloring pages or as a basis for applique. And, if you stick the printed drawing on cardboard and cut it along the contour, you will get a cute toy.

Download illustrations