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Bear Melody

About cozymossie

Melody was born to the loud and rhythmic sound of heavy rain. When she first opened her eyes, she saw relatives bending over her cradle and their kindest smiles. Melody examined everyone carefully and leisurely, and then suddenly burst out laughing. Yes, so loudly!
At that moment, the rain stopped, and a huge bright rainbow lit up outside the window in the sky. It was wonderful!
Maybe that's why Melody feels the rhythms of music and moods so subtly from birth? Whatever your day is, she will always drag you to dance. Because is easiest to be happy when dancing. So she believes.


Softie is made of 100% linen, which is very pleasant to the touch - there are no barriers to frequent and cozy hugs.


Citizens of Cozymossia are very afraid of large iron machines, so please bathe the toy with your hands in warm water. And add more soap bubbles - they burst so funny and ticklish.

Height: 27 cm (10,5 inches)
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