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Bear Pear

About cozymossie

Pear loves accidental meetings and heartwarming talks about everything. In a conversation, she always  stealthily catches glance and lights up with sparks of joy when she meets dear friends.

When you meet her, you will definitely hear “Such a wonderful day today, isn't it ?!”. Pear will certainly suggest going with her to drink a cup of seabuckthorn-tea and wish you the most wonderful day.

Pear will gladly share her smile and sunny mood - all you have to do is to admit it  and hide somewhere near your heart.

Height: 27 cm (10,5 inches)


Softie is made of 100% linen, which is very pleasant to the touch - there are no barriers to frequent and cozy hugs.


Citizens of Cozymossia are very afraid of large iron machines, so please bathe the toy with your hands in warm water. And add more soap bubbles - they burst so funny and ticklish.
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