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Elephant Chuckle

About cozymossie

Chuckle's auntie always mutters to herself that girls should be modest, tidy, and sit on the porch with knitting needles in their hands. And whenever Chuckle hears this, she laughs and runs up to her from behind, hugs her tightly and kisses her cheek warmly. "This is so boring, auntie!"
Playing badminton, jumping over a stream, building a treehouse, or even a float for rafting on the river, tumbling along a soft mossy meadow – that is what she loves to do most of all.
Chuckle believes that if she owes something to someone, as her auntie claims, then she will definitely figure it out a little bit later, but for now, you just look at this day! It created for joy and adventure!


Softie is made of 100% linen, which is very pleasant to the touch - there are no barriers to frequent and cozy hugs.


Citizens of Cozymossia are very afraid of large iron machines, so please bathe the toy with your hands in warm water. And add more soap bubbles - they burst so funny and ticklish.

Height: 27 cm (10,5 inches)
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