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Dog Freckle

About cozymossie

New acquaintances, dishes, and even new thoughts inside are what Freckle loves traveling so much for. And also because they begin long before the trip: first you select a point on the globe, read about the culture of a new country, listen to new music, build routes and learn phrases like “Hello!” or "What a wonderful day!" in a new language. And, after returning home, the journey remains in your heart for a long time.

With Freckle, you will learn to look in a new way, even at the place where you have lived all your life.


Softie is made of 100% linen, which is very pleasant to the touch - there are no barriers to frequent and cozy hugs.


Citizens of Cozymossia are very afraid of large iron machines, so please bathe the toy with your hands in warm water. And add more soap bubbles - they burst so funny and ticklish.

Height: 27 cm (10,5 inches)
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