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Elephant Ray

About cozymossie

Ray is a sporty guy. He can swim in the lake at dawn, ride a bike along the forest, play badminton with a friend, and then practice new tricks on a skateboard. And all this in one little morning!

Always smiling and kind, he never gets upset with defeats and thanks him so sincerely for the game that he wants to play with him one more time.

He is not afraid at all to try new things and easily changes his hobbies. And if suddenly someone says: “You are so impermanent”, he will answer with a smile from up to his big ears: "Very permanent. In my happiness"

Softie is made of 100% linen, which is very pleasant to the touch - there are no barriers to frequent and cozy hugs.


Citizens of Cozymossia are very afraid of large iron machines, so please bathe the toy with your hands in warm water. And add more soap bubbles - they burst so funny and ticklish.

Height: 27 cm (10,5 inches)
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